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Extreme Loading® for Structures Software or ELS, is an advanced non-linear structural analysis software tool designed specifically for structural engineers. ELS allows structural engineers to study the 3D behavior of structures through both the continuum and discrete stages of loading. This includes static and dynamic loads such as those generated by blast, seismic events, impact, progressive collapse, and wind.  Unlike many structural analysis software tools which are based on the Finite Element Method (FEM), ELS utilizes a non-linear solver based on the Applied Element Method (AEM).  This allows ELS is to automatically analyze structural behavior during elastic and inelastic modes including the automatic yielding of reinforcement, detection and generation of plastic hinges, buckling & post-buckling, crack propagation, membrane action & P-Delta effect, and separation of elements.  The resulting debris and impacts with structural elements are also automatically analyzed and stress redistribution is inherently calculated.


Model Progressive Collapse In Ten Minutes or Less: In this short video we take you through the proccess of creating a small reinforced concrete structure to illustrate how quickly you can model and analyze a detailed reinforced concrete structure for progressive collapse in Extreme Loading® for Structures Software (ELS). Click here to view.

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