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Extreme Loading® for Structures Software Version 3.1


New Features for ELS v3.1 -
This new version of Extreme Loading® for Structures(ELS) reinforces the fact that ELS is a practical easy-to-use software program created for practicing engineers who have complex projects with non-traditional load cases. The majority of features provided in version 3.1 are advanced input methods proposed by software users who wanted additional tools to help them create and solve more complex models. Additional features have been added to provide ease-of-use and versatility for everyday projects.
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ELS Modeler -
The new modeler in ELS v3.1 follows an intuitive process of modeling that allows users to quickly and easily create structures in both 2-D and 3-D modes.  Also with increased connectivity with both FEM and BIM applications, file conversion has never been simpler. 
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ELS Loading -
Various static and dynamic loading scenarios can be implemented in ELS 3.1.  Utilizing its multi-stage sequential loading option, users can create create complex loading scenarios quickly and easily.
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AEM Analysis -
The Applied Element Method (AEM) based solver in Extreme Loading® for Structures 3.1 is a derivative of the Finite Element Method (FEM) and the Discrete Element Method (DEM). AEM is capable of performing both linear and nonlinear analysis that follows the behavior of structures through separation, collision and collapse while automatically taking into consideration plastic hinge formation, buckling & post-buckling, crack generation, separation of elements, collision & collapse. 
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ELS Output Viewer -
The frame by frame output viewer in ELS v3.1 allows users to view simulation data in real-time and create presentation materials in a variety of formats. 
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