Introduction to Extreme Loading for Structures


Terrorist attacks at the AP Murrah Building, and World Trade Center Towers, large seismic events, and other events have underlined the need to design structures to resist these extreme loading events.

Recently, design codes such as the UFC 4-023-03, GSA’s Progressive Collapse criteria, International Building Code (2009 IBC), ASCE/SEI 7-10, ACI 318-05, Eurocode, and others throughout the world are being updated to include provisions in design of structures to resist progressive collapse. However, many design engineers may still be unaware of the importance of these requirements and may also be unaware of the new tools available to aid in satisfying these requirements.

This course aims to provide basic background for practicing structural engineers regarding the use of Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) Software for performance based design methods and techniques as well as analysis for load case scenarios such as blast, seismic and progressive collapse.


This workshop is particularly useful for structural engineers involved in:

  • Design & analysis of:
    • Special, high-rise, or sensitive structures
    • Government buildings
    • New & existing structures
    • Extreme or unusual loading cases
  • Rehabilitation or demolition of existing structures
  • Risk or vulnerability assessment
  • Peer review


By the end of this workshop, attendees should be able to do the following:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Applied Element Method (AEM) analysis and its application in ELS
  • Understand the mechanisms and design philosophies of progressive collapse
  • Understand the relevance of some seismic resistant code requirements for ensuring integrity and robustness
  • Using ELS apply procedures:
    • Progressive collapse
    • Blast
    • Seismic


  • Training Manual
  • 90 Day Commercial Trial License

DURATION: 2.5 Days
COST: $2,900

Download Course Outline
Extreme Loading® for Structures training is offered at our state of the art training facility in Durham, NC, or on location (Minimum of six (6) participants required for on location training). *PDH Credits available through or To register please call 1-919-645-4090 or E-mail us at

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