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Applications for Extreme Loading® for Structures Software

Never before, have structural engineers had a structural analysis software tool that is capable of fully analyzing structures under extreme loads.  Until now Finite Element (FEM) based software analysis tools have been limited by their inability to automatically separate elements and account for the secondary collisions involving these elements. ASI’s unique Extreme Loading Technology takes the long anticipated leap into reality with an engineering analysis simulation software that produces results which more accurately represent the local and global effects of blasts, impacts, earthquakes, progressive collapse, high-winds, and other extreme loading events on structures and their envelopes.  Utilizing a powerful non-linear solver based on the Applied Element Method (AEM), Extreme Loading® for Structures software is able to automatically track the initiation and propagation of cracking, the separation of elements, and the secondary collisions which occur prior to the elements coming to rest.


Applications for ELS Software:

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