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Forensic Engineering Analysis

Using Extreme Loading® for Structures software (ELS), forensic engineers can easily simulate and analyze the cause of a structures failure when subjected to an extreme loading event such as a blast, progressive collapse, seismic event or catastrophic impact. The distinct advantage is because ELS is based on the Applied Element Method (AEM) enabling it to accurately track the behavior of structures in all stages of loading, from the beginning of crack initiation and propagation in the structure up to total structural collapse while passing through element separation and collision. Using the unique capabilities of ELS forensic engineers can model the original structure, check whether it was designed properly, identify the weak points, and reproduce the failure scenario. ELS can produce videos of the simulations showing the cause of the problem in a manner which can be easily understood by parties who are not technical experts.

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Forensic Engineering Features:

  • Model structures in a 3D environment
  • Apply most common types of gravity loading or extreme loads
  • Analyze the effect of a local or global failure of the main supporting systems in the structure
  • Apply different types of loading simultaneously in a time domain
  • Visualize the cracks inside the structures and their propagation among different structural components
  • Visualize element separation, collision, and re-collision of elements.
  • Differing types of exportable output formats such as: simulation videos, chart, and stress and kinematic contours.
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