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Structural Vulnerability Assessment & Risk Mitigation


Using Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) software, structural engineers can perform more advanced
structural vulnerability assessments & risk mitigation, thereby Structural Failureenabling decision makers to arrive at the conclusions which will best protect their structure and its occupants. ELS is built around the Applied Element Method (AEM), the only analytical method that automatically calculates crack initiation, propagation, and separation of elements.


Structural Vulnerability Assessment & Risk Mitigation Features:

  • Analyze structures and test them against extreme loading events such as blast, seismic events, impact, and progressive collapse
  • Visualize scenarios and their consequences with 3D analysis-based simulations
  • Determine standoff distances, safety perimeters, and potential collateral damage
  • Protect against progressive collapse via an advanced structural analysis that automatically accounts for crack initiation, propagation and separation of elements
  • Determine the vulnerability of external glazing and windows subjected to extreme loads
  • Assess and analyze threat scenarios
  • Find vulnerabilities in architecture, structure, external glazing, and building envelope
  • Test planned or existing structural details
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