Special US Government Pricing Program 2011

Beginning January 1, 2011 Applied Science International (ASI) will be releasing a special US Government licensing program for its Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) software.  Single user workstation licenses will be made available to all qualified US Government employees for the price of training resulting in a discount valued at more than $20,000 per seat.

The tool delivers advanced capabilities that allow for hard cost savings of up to 50% of the weight of the structure when engineers use ELS for progressive collapse analysis according to UFC criteria.  The outcome of the analysis is a safer and more resilient structure which takes into account the performance of all building components.  ELS is an easy-to-use performance-based structural analysis program with a short learning curve. This allows practicing engineers the opportunity to make adjustments for nonlinear effects including membrane actions of slabs.  Slabs are typically ignored due to the limitations of finite element analysis based tools.

By providing the practicing engineer with a user friendly state-of-the-art analysis tool, they can take advantage of nonlinear effects for performance-based design typically addressed by research organizations and academia.  ELS can provide analysis for many different loading scenarios and cases including blast, seismic, staged construction, renovations, historic structures, corrosion, and many more.

Analysis Advantages of ELS include:

  • Connectivity to more than 10 FEM software packages, and Revit Structure.
  • Automatic connectivity when modeling varying, irregular or un-matching elements (no need to connect nodes).
  • 3D dynamic nonlinear effects of reinforcement, concrete, steel, glass, aluminum, brick and mortar, tension only, and more.
  • Plastic hinges are generated automatically by the solver, reducing user error (no manual insertion of plastic hinges required).
  • Automatic buckling, post-buckling, membrane action, and P-Delta effects.
  • Automatic crack propagation, separation, contact/collision, and debris.
  • Advanced user interface provides an intuitive approach to rapid model building with pre-loaded material and product libraries.
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