Structural Analysis Software Comparison

The chart below compares the capabilities of available structural analyais sotware to efficiently produce accurate results for progressive collapse analysis:

Structural Analysis

Software CapabilitiesLinear  



Software(2)Extreme Loading

for Structures(3)

Non-Linear SoftwareRequired Experience:Structural EngineerüüüSr. Structural EngineerüüüScientistüüüModeling:Frame ElementsüüNot ApplicableSolid ElementsüüüSolid Element Mesh ComponentsûûüDetailed ReinforcementûûüAutomatic Solid Element ConnectivityûûüSolid Element Pre-CrackingûûüPre-Processing:Initial VelocityûûüInitial AccelerationûûüBoundary ConditionsüüüLumped MassüüüRigid BodiesûüüStaged Material ModificationûûüArea Material ModificationûûüDemolish (Stage)üüüDemolish (Time)ûûüConstruct (Time & Stage)üüüSolver ControllerûûüGeometric Model:Stiffness MatrixFixedFixedVariableP Delta EffectûSimplifiedüBuckling & Post BucklingûûüContact & CollisionûûüMembrane ActionûûüMaterial Model:

Cracking of Materials Occurs

ûûüAutomated Plastic Hinge FormationûûüYielding of ReinforcementûûüAutomated SeparationûûüAutomated Contact/Collisionûûü

(1) Linear Software such as SAP2000 Basic, Robot & ETABS Plus based on the Finite Element Method or FEM

(2) Simplified Non-Linear Software such as ETABS Nonlinear, RAM, RISA 3D, Autodesk Robot, SAP2000 Plus/Advanced, and STAAD Pro based on the Finite Element Method or FEM

(3) Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) software is a user friendly non-linear structural analysis tool based on the Applied Element Method or AEM

Extreme Loading and ASI are registered trademarks of Applied Science International, LLC. Autodesk and Robot are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. STAAD and RAM are registered trademarks of Bentley Systems, Inc. SAP2000 and ETABS are registered trademarks of Computers and Structures, Inc. RISA 3-D is a registered trademark of RISA Technologies, Inc. All other brand, product, service and feature names or trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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