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AEM Solver

The Applied Element Method (AEM) based solver in Extreme Loading® for Structures is a derivative of the Finite Element Method (FEM) and the Discrete Element Method (DEM).  AEM is capable of performing both linear and nonlinear, static or dynamic analysis that follows the behavior of structures through separation, collision, and collapse.

AEM Solver Automatically Calculates:

  • Yielding of Reinforcement: automatically calculates material strain from elastic to plastic deformation.
  • Plastic Hinge Formation: automatically places plastic hinges.
  • Buckling and Post-buckling: automatically calculates elastic and plastic bending under compressive loads.
  • Crack Propagation: automatically calculates the location and propagation of cracks.
  • Membrane Action & P-Delta Effect(P-Δ): automatically calculates the dynamic force and displacement caused by Membrane Action and the P-Delta Effect.
  • Separation of Elements: automatically separates elements based on nonlinear material properties.
  • Collision and Collapse: automatically calculates the collision and collapse of separated elements.

There are two solver options available depending on the type of analysis you are performing and the time you have to solve:

  • Exact Solver: optimal in static and dynamic analysis with a relatively large time step (0.01 or 0.001 sec).
  • Iterative Solver: optimal in cases where the time step used is very small, like in penetration or blast analysis problems (recommended time step is less than 0.0001 sec). This results in a significant reduction in RAM required to process the problem.
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